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Geriatrics Wandering Abroad (an illustrated talk)

Peter Redmond was born on the wrong side of the blanket in 1929 and was fostered at birth. Half a century later he started to research his family.

He knew that there was a South African connection and eventually, he discovered his cousin, Sybil Mills, 13 years his senior.

Sybil had lived in South Africa since the end of the World War Two but is as British as the Union Jack. Now widowed, she still lives an active life, some of which she has shared with Peter.

Together, they have visited Namibia, much of South Africa and Zimbabwe, where Peter funded the provision of water to a village and helped a young Zimbabwean start a chicken farm. They have a special interest in wild-life as they both have sons who are experts in that field. Michael (Gus) Mills specialises in Southern African mammals and Ian Redmond is well known for his association with gorillas (in the mist and elsewhere!) and elephants, and works with the Born Free Foundation.

In April, 2005, Peter, Sybil and Pat, Peter's wife, went to the Kalahari Desert. But it rained! Six months rainfall fell in 6 hours and they were marooned for several days, with no direct contact with the outside world. During that time, a prince got married, a Pope died and Katie committed suicide in Coronation Street, and they didn't know!

(He recently discovered another 39 relatives in Australia, but that's another story...)

This ILLUSTRATED TALK lasts 40 - 75 minutes and there's time for questions.

Requirements: 13amp power point, table. Provides own projector and screen. Fee negotiable.

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Peter Redmond